FINALMobile Forensics FAQ

1. Why should I buy FINALMobile Forensics?

We believe that FINALMobile Forensics acquires more data than other tools, while providing an in-depth analysis/reporting tool.

2. How do I purchase FINALMobile Forensics?

Email or call us toll-free at (877) 612-2353 for a price quote.

3. Is quantity discounts offered for FINALMobile Forensics?

Yes, you may be eligible for a discount based on the quantity of your order. Please contact us at or call us toll-free at (877) 612-2353.

4. What does the maintenance support include?

Maintenance includes: email support, telephone support, new plugins, minor revision updates, and discounts on major upgrades.

5. Does FINALMobile Forensics include cables?

No, FINALMobile does not come with cables because we use standard USB cables and they are compatible with our competitor’s (non-proprietary) cable kits. If you need assistance finding a cable, please email and we will gladly be able to help.

6. Does FINALMobile Forensics include drivers?

FINALMobile uses standard manufacturer’s USB drivers and we also provide links for most manufacturer’s drivers. You can also run finalDriverPackage, which includes some of the drivers for most of the vendors that we support.

7. How do I get technical support for FINALMobile Forensics?

Either email, or call us toll-free at (877) 612-2353

8. How do I register/update my information for updates?

FINALDATA maintains a database of customers and will notify users of updates via email. Updates are usually done at the beginning of each month. Contact us by email at if you would like the link to our download page.

9. Does FINALDATA offer training?

Yes, FINALDATA is partnering with training facilities to provide training programs. If you want an exclusive training session, contact us at or call us toll-free at (877) 612-2353 to set up an appointment.

10. Is there a Demo version of FINALMobile?

Yes, FINALMobile Forensics offers a free 30-day evaluation.

11. What HASH algorithm does FINALMobile Forensics use

FINALMobile utilizes the MD5 HASH Algorithm.

12. How many phones does FINALMobile Forensics support?

Do not be fooled by competitor’s claims of number of models supported. Definitions of “support” vary by vendor. Mobile forensic experts know there is not one tool that “does it all”. We do not quote a specific number of phones, as the number is changing daily. FINALMobile was designed to target as many phones as possible by manufacturer, rather than by model. FINALMobile’s definition of support is targeting as much data as possible (beyond just contacts, call logs, etc.)

13. What manufacturers does FINALMobile Forensics support?

FINALMobile currently includes multiple plugins for: Alcatel, Apple, Audiovox, BlackBerry, Cal-Comp, Casio, HTC, Huawei, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Pantech, Samsung, Sanyo, Sky, SonyEriccson, Vivo, Xiaomi, ZTE, etc.

14. Does FINALMobile Forensics plan to add support?

Yes. FINALMobile Forensics typically updates the software every month. We aim to have a new patch update on the first Monday of every month.

15. Does FINALMobile Forensics support Android phones?

Yes, FINALMobile Forensics supports some Android phones.

16. Does FINALMobile Forensics support iOS phones?

Yes, FINALMobile Forensics supports some iOS phones.

17. What carriers does FINALMobile support?

FINAMobile Forensics successfully tested: Alltel, AT&T, Bell, MetroPCS, Sprint, T-Mobile, Telus, US Celluar, Verizon, and many others that have not been mentioned.

18. Does FINALMobile Forensics acquire deleted data?

Yes, even with a logical acquisition, FINALMobile can acquire deleted/hidden data in many phones.

19. Can FINALMobile Forensics acquire lock/pin codes?

Yes, FINALMobile can acquire most lock/pin codes. Furthermore, FINALMobile has the ability to acquire data even if the phone is locked for some devices.

20. Can FINALMobile be installed on multiple forensic workstations?

Yes, FINALMobile can be installed on multiple computers through the use of a USB dongle.

21. What report output formats are supported?

FINALMobile generates reports in either Excel, PDF, or into a SQLite DB file.

22. Can FINALMobile Forensics decode encoded SMS messages?

Yes, FINALMobile Forensics is able to decode 7-bit encoded SMS messages.

23. Does FINALMobile support external/secondary memory such as microSD?

Yes, FINALMobile presents an option to acquire external/secondary memory.

24. How long does an Acquisition take?

It depends on the type of phone it is and how much memory is within that phone.

25. Can FINALMobile acquire/analyze multiple phones at the same time?

Yes, FINALMobile supports multiple threads as well as analyzing multiple phones within a single workspace.

26. Can FINALMobile use external viewers/players?

Yes, using the export function, external viewers/players can be utilized.

27. What types of deleted items can FINALMobile acquire?

On many phones, FINALMobile is able to acquire a combination of deleted items: Contacts, Call Logs, Text Messages, MMS, Pictures, etc.

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