• FINALDATA Forensics Training

FINALDATA Forensics Training

FINALDATA Digital Forensic
Education Overview

Digital Forensics encompasses many different approaches and understandings. Optimizing the gathering and analysis of the data requires a rather vast knowledge of how tools work and how data is stored. Our educational program is designed to maximize the benefits for the given student.

Training with FINALDATA

We offer customized training depending on each person’s knowledge of forensics.

For the user’s benefit, we are able to train the basics of forensics, along with a hands-on and more experienced level for each of our products.

We offer training to government agencies, businesses, special lectures at colleges, and more.

After the training is finished, we issue a FINALDATA certificate of completion.

Courses & Class Schedule

Training Offered To:

  • Government agencies, businesses, special lecture at colleges, etc.


  • English and Korean training available


  • Customized training program for each individual’s needs
  • Introduction to forensics all the way up to more advanced levels
  • Hands-on training
  • Consulting sessions prior to the actual training to know more about the user’s goals
  • Short term and long term training contracts available


  • FINALDATA INC., Southern California
  • Work Trip Training: we can go to you at a location and time of your convenience
  • On-site training available to our customers (government and other companies)
  • We bring all the necessary tools (computers, USB cables, etc.) based on your needs
FINALDATA Training Center

Training Center:

Training Tools:
We will provide all the tools for training/practice