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Digital Forensic Services

FINALDATA provides services to assist those that need help in actual investigations. We will attempt to help you get evidence without changing the hash values. This could be helpful for governments and corporations with highly sensitive documents or technology. We use our software to assist you in your investigation and help find what you are looking for.

All forensic services from FINALDATA will be processed with high-level security and a mutual trust with the client companies (customers).

If you do not need this investigation solution, or you do not have enough people to support the investigation, we recommend using our “Forensic Services” rather than buying our actual software. Please fill out the form and submit. We will get back to you and have a consultation session so that we can get you the best service package available for your needs.

Areas of Digital Forensic Consulting Service

Mobile Forensics

acquisition, recovery, and analysis
of the data in mobile devices and
prove that the original evidence is true.

Computer Forensics

acquisition, recovery, and analysis
of the data in computers and prove
that the original evidence is true.

On-Site Investigation Support

FINALDATA staff will be dispatched
at your office to assist you.
We will also provide you with the
results report.

Short Term/Yearly Contract Service

Service package customized for
government-related institutions
and corporations.

For more information about our Forensic Security Services, please fill out the contact form.

Request for Consulting
Target Customers

Government related institutions
including investigation and
law enforcement agencies

Internal compliance division of
corporate companies regarding illegal
technology acquisition and other
misconducts against company law

Supports clients from
law firms in
locating evidence

Digital Forensics Process

Evidence acquisition

Detailed analysis of the evidence (data)

Create results report and submit evidence

Support the investigation